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comes with exclusive perks

Begin the year by winning! By participating in any of our events, workshops, and weekly trivia, reward points will accumulate in your account as you explore the path of sustainability with JSEC.

Enjoy the benefits of ASTRA

Become part of the JSEC family

Be part of a group of proactive students that truly care about the world today, that sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Make the program work for you

You have the power. You get to choose how to redeem your points accumulated in your account.

Leverage your points

Being part of our ASTRA program your points can get you anything from discounted event tickets to cool swag.

Get the latest on sustainability

From the best sustainability practices in business, to practical tips for you daily life, ASTRA will deliver content that is concrete and short.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Talk to us! Contact us through our website and let us know that you’re interested in enrolling in ASTRA. And all that is left for you to do is to get involved in our events, workshops and conversations on social media.

Are my points transferable?

Your points will only be transferable to first year students. This will help your first year JMSB fellows to find out more about the path of sustainability.

Can I know how many points am I accumulating?

Of course! Simply ask us via the contact form in our website. We will gladly communicate your points  ;D

What can I get for my points?

Our point grid will be posted soon! Rest assured, there will be plenty of goodies for you to redeem.

For the Sustainable You Don’t Yet Know


For the Sustainable You Don’t Yet Know