What is JSEC?

To provide and inform students of the necessary Corporate Social Responsability practices through tangible, academic and collective initiatives throughout the year which are impactful and creative and to encourage innovative and sustainable problem solving in all professional industries.



We seek to warrant student’s attentions on practices which support the environment and its importance towards responsible business consumption. All the while inquiring students to think critically about the alternative environmental methods businesses encounter.



It is our duty to be active leaders in dedicating ourselves to pursue proactive concepts which grasp our fundamental corporate social values. As well as to explore and expose the JMSB student community to alternative economic practices which promote our key values.



We strive to be a supportive member which promotes the university, its students and faculty to the external community. JSEC strives to advocate social initiatives to the student body with an emphasis on understanding the return on good to the community.

Business Beyond Tomorrow

Business Beyond Tomorrow (BBT) is the largest student conference on business sustainability in Quebec. From its inception in 2005 as the Sustainable Business Conference, it assumes a position that is the cornerstone of both the undergraduate and graduate sustainable JMSB associations. We boast an impressive…

Sustainable Fashion

Inauguring it’s first edition last year, we partnered along Project Nu and Enactus to bring the Sustainable Fashion Show to the students of JMSB and Concordia. With the idea of spreading creativity and pushing consumers to reuse their clothe we wanted to make people aware that sustainability also…

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