February 1, 2016

The Team


The JSEC Executive Team 2016-2017 is always present for the JMSB undergraduate community to discuss and collaborate on meaningful projects and events. Looking forward to seeing you around campus! 

Kyle Davis
An International Business student with a background in culinary practice and hotel management. Kyle's skills have molded him into becoming a diverse individual who will be taking his world class ability to lead JSEC this year.
Aditi Hossain
VP Marketing
A Marketing major who appreciates creative content and pop culture. Aditi is constantly integrating her managerial work experience from financial institutions into her academic career and involvement at JMSB. Her mission is to brand sustainability as the new modern trend.

Shakila Reaz
AVP Marketing
Majoring in Marketing, passionate about art, and fascinated by human behavior. Shakila believes that self-discovery is the key to success. She plans to use her skills to make a social impact in today’s mind for tomorrow’s future.

Anthony de Sousa
VP Sponsorship
A complete space and technology aficionado. Anthony is currently majoring in Finance and minoring in Data intelligence.
He wants sustainable businesses to be this century's tech boom.

Manu Brock
AVP Sponsorship
An international business student that loves traveling and embraces different cultures of the world. Preserving culture is primordial for Manu. He believes that every single person can and should contribute to helping the environment at their own scale.
Simon Martin
VP Communication
Mindful of the critical issues ahead, Simon's major challenge is to bring positive and sustainable change to the society.

David Moniz
VP Communication
Majoring in Finance, David's areas of interest include corporate finance, sustainable investments, and quantitative analysis. This will be his first year at the John Molson Sustainable Enterprise Committee with an aim to engage the students to think critically about sustainable development. He believes to be on the forefront of finding solutions to the new problems this generation will face.
Samanthy Santhira
VP Internal
An accounting student that is most passionate about business. Samanthy has interests in sustainability, singing, and arts. She hopes to demonstrate the importance of sustainability in business through JSEC for the upcoming year.

Alice Wei
VP Logistic
Alice majors in Accountancy and her involvement in school and within the community pertains to environmental issues. She joined Concordia’s Sustainable Action Fund on the Board of Directors and has taken the role of the Social Media Community Coordinator for CoLLaboratoire, a boundary breaking exercise in community engagement around the issue of climate change. She is an environmentally conscious person with a pursuit for a sustainable future.

Jasper Fyson
VP Finance
As an ambitious problem-solver, Jasper strives to find creative ideas and solutions to contribute towards the betterment of society.

Nader Kfouri
VP External
Nader believes that the combination of old fashioned values and critical thinking will help our generation face the challenges that were overlooked in the past, which as a consequence will mold a powerful and kind race.
Magicck Singh
AVP External
Inside Singh's mind: Next generation solutions for today's issues.

Marlène Boivin
VP Business Development
Passionate of the world surrounding her, she is driven by sustainable development, efficient processes, and continuing improvements.
Miguel Laliberte
AVP Business Development
Miguel, being a very ambitious and proactive student, was part of the men’s soccer team for four years. With his major in Economics and minor in Environmental Geography, Miguel sets as goal to open green business with future sustainable technologies.