What is JSEC?

JSEC is a group of undergraduates that address the integration of sustainability in business practices. We build and inspire the future sustainable leaders of tomorrow.

Why? Because we believe this is what the business world needs today.

That’s right, we’re an official committee

Being an official subsidiary of CASA, JSEC delivers several services that look to give students the platform to learn and practice sustainable business practices.

What have we gone through?

Since its inception in 2012, JSEC has been working in partnership with numerous Concordia associations such as JSBG, FISA, ENACTUS, and many more in order to create high quality and immersive experiences for students to learn the many facets of sustainability: social, environmental and economical responsibility.

We strive to teach you about the sustainability you don’t yet know.

Large Events
Interactive workshops
corporate sponsors

Our participation in the first ever Montreal Youth Summit on Sustainable Business

In January 2020, over 450 young people gathered at the St-James Theatre in Old Montreal to attend conferences, panels and workshops on various themes related to sustainable business thanks to the collaboration of multiple student-run groups across different Montreal universities. From the future of cryptocurrencies to the carbon cycle, all the lessons from the event were designed to equip the next generation with the tools they need to face future challenges.