Interested in learning more about sustainability at JMSB?

Read our new guide to sustainability on campus to learn how to get involved, who to follow and how to add sustainability to your degree!

Want to make your events


Obtain the necessary resources and certification that will take your event to a whole new level!

Where should you start?

Download the Sustainable Event Guide

Begin by getting a broad sight of what you need to do and how your event must be executed.

JSEC X CASA sustainability guide

For CASA subsidiaries only!​

This sustainability guide was created to help CASA subsidiaries integrate sustainable practices into their respective mandates. Resources and suggestions in this guide are from companies we have already worked with. We are open to suggestions and will be further editing this guide in the future.  These recommendations can be used when creating Sustainability Objectives as well as throughout the year as Executives complete their mandates.

Concordia Sustainable Event certification

Become responsible by adopting the guidelines proposed by our friends from Hospitality Concordia!

This is a great initiative taken by students that abide by the promise of bringing sustainability on campus.

Are there any more resources?


Creating tangible items from reusable materials!

CUCCR will offer the raw materials you just need from creating a bean bag game to building a table. They have saved its members more than $85,000 in costs while diverting 8.4 tonnes of waste from Concordia University.

The Dish Project

No need to buy dishes when you know you will throw them away! The Dish Project holds a large inventory of cutlery and plates for your event.

And one last fundamental resource for your event!

What is Concordia Compost?

It’s a student initiative that acts on three promises: to create an on-site compost facility, to facilitate the access to more compost bins and to educate students about the sustainable practice of composting.

If you still have questions, let us know how we can help!