What is it about?

An experience that will deliver you the insights and secrets of what it takes to be a future leader. The tremendous expertise of our panelists will equip you with the sustainability essentials in the business world of tomorrow.

How do I attend BBT?

The Business Beyond Tomorrow Conference happens every mid January. The topics and speakers change every year, so make sure you follow us for the latest announcements on the event!

What can you expect in

Business Beyond Tomorrow?

Acquire the right knowledge

Make sure to bring a notebook, because you will learn so much in terms of economical, social and environmental responsibility in the business world.

Become part of the discussion

Between panel discussions, you will get the chance to deepen the dialogue during the different workshops evolving around the three spheres of sustainability.

Approach the panelists themselves

Finish your day by getting acquainted with the speakers. Trust us, they have so much to share. And, who knows, they might be looking for future leaders.

Missed your chance to attend Business Beyond Tomorrow?

Don't worry! We've got recordings of past BBT panels and workshops just for you!

The 2021 Business Beyond Tomorrow Conference was held online which allowed us to record it and share it with you! You can watch these panels and workshops directly on our youtube channel!

This panel on different sustainable agriculture techniques & how they are implemented in business is composed of entrepreneurs, at the forefront of sustained agriculture as well as some insightful individuals with backgrounds in ecological agriculture and soil science.

Panelists: – Caroline Begg, Faculty lecturer in the Dpt. Of Plant Science at McGill University – Cesar Cretel, Founder of HuddleCorp – Graham Calder, Founder of P3 Permaculture Design

Moderator: – Keroles Reid, Leader of Waste Not Want Not Compost at Concordia University

This workshop led by Graham Calder, Founder of P3 Permaculture Design, focusing on ecological gardening and regenerative agriculture, was part of JSEC’s annual Business Beyond Tomorrow in January of 2021.

This panel on the possibilities and many advantages of building a better economy covered the themes of governmental policies, investing and ESG.

Panelists: – David Ung, ESG Analyst at Manulife – Craig Ryan, Director, Purpose Entrepreneurship & ESG at BDC – Jean-Philippe Renaut, CEO of Equo Shareholder Engagement Services Inc

Moderator: – Lucas Fraser, CEO of Circle Environmental Solutions

This workshop led by Lucas Fraser, CEO of Circle Environmental Solutions, focusing on sustainability and the workplace, was part of JSEC’s annual Business Beyond Tomorrow in January of 2021.

This panel evaluated social well-being and diversity in the workplace. Some of the main discussions revolved around the role of businesses in ensuring the social wellbeing of its employees and stakeholders during COVID-19 as well as how businesses can contribute to the social wellbeing of external stakeholders. 

Panelists: -Dyana Castillo, co-creator/administrator of BIPOC Coffee Talk -Deeksha G Rao Sahib, Freelance sustainability consultant -Chantal Forgues, sustainability consultant at Lyria

Moderator: -Duha Elmardi, coordinator at Sustainable Concordia