an eco-conscious banking alternative 

Written and Edited by Flore Crétel

For business students, the question of how to be sustainable while creating a business is not always easy to answer. This is why we wanted to present the firm helios !

Helios is a French firm with a goal to be « a banking alternative for a sustainable future ». 

How do they proceed…? When you place your money in a bank account, it’s used to finance projects. These projects don’t often consider ecological and social criteria as fundamental. So basically, your money is funding companies that are ecologically damaging.

“the large French banks emitted 4.5 times more greenhouse gases than France in 2018 through their sole financing activity.”
Helios is making a change; their goal is to be selective on what project they will finance. They are conscious that their financing creates greenhouse gas emissions so to compensate these emissions, they implemented a compensation carbon tax but with no additional cost to YOU. In order to do that they will follow the reports of a French public agency (ADEME) working on the subject to have a real impact. 

“Through their investments, banks are shaping the world of tomorrow. Let’s reverse the trend by financing a fairer and more environmentally friendly world.”

They also consider their relationship with their clients as one of their priorities, for this reason you can easily contact them if you have any suggestion!