John Molson Sustainable Consulting Group

Who we are

Operating as a business unit under the John Molson Sustainable Enterprise Committee (JSEC), JSCG is a student-run group that delivers advisory services to local businesses that wish to attain sustainable objectives.

Our Mission

To provide students with a practical platform to apply class concepts and sustainable thinking and to help organizations align their goals with sustainable frameworks

Our Vision

To have sustainability so embedded in global systems that JSCG services are rendered obsolete


At the start of each semester, applications for various positions on the team are opened to JMSB students. Those who apply will have the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and skills to create tangible and measurable changes in the community.

Are you hesitant because you might not know enough about sustainability?

Well, don’t be! There is so much you can learn outside the classroom…we are looking forward to seeing you become part of our team. 


Follow us for news and opportunities to get involved!