JSEC's Online Transition


JSEC transitions: Online shift

“Firstly, we want to acknowledge the hardship and stress that COVID-19 has put on all of you and give you encouragement that you can come out the other end successful. We want to thank everyone who has put themselves in the front lines and for those who have maintained the social safety measures through isolation, it is through these actions that we can stop it’s spread.”

With every crisis comes opportunity. To seize these opportunities, we are transitioning our focus to an impactful online source of education on the integration of sustainability in business practices. Our mission does not change as we will continue to deliver workshops, events and conferences tailored to your needs. As we are challenged to think outside the box to educate our Concordia community we are shifting our focus to deliver online content including blog posts, videos and projects that will create a more sustainable community in JMSB upon our return after the pandemic.

This is a challenge that we all will come out stronger. We are putting all our efforts into our creativity in shifting our events and positive impact online and at a social distance for you.

Here are some updates:

JSEC sponsors will have the option to participate by having one of their employees mentor for one lucky student picked by JSEC

This year, the Youth Council is creating a manifesto regarding concerns for the future of sustainable commerce and call for more education on the topic. This manifesto will be shared with students from each of the schools, who can then sign it to ask for education on sustainable commerce at all Canadian Universities.

JSCG is composed of a group of analysts that work on providing sustainability consulting services to organizations in Montreal. This year, we want to collaborate to help students through a scholarship program. We will be offering a $2,000 scholarship to a student at JMSB that either has a business idea they want to pursue or an existing start-up that needs help with sustainability integration.

In lieu of people facing issues in North America regarding racism and the inherent disadvantage some people have in our society today, JSEC has decided for the 2021 conference to focus on social sustainability

JSEC is launching a thought provoking blog that post sustainable-oriented content such as alumni articles, DIY and recipe videos and short articles on relevant sustainable topics related to current news and NGO

A lot of value can come from collaborations. In our case, it really is an opportunity to demonstrate how sustainability is relevant to an organization and discipline. This year, JSEC is exploring four new CASA subsidiary collaborations to continue spreading sustainability awareness to different fields. Although we will be unable to host our case competition this year, we are excited to see sustainability discussed and critically thought of with our annual ASTRA Workshop series.