Written and edited by Flore Crétel

How to Get Involved?



Who Are They?

This week we are presenting to you the association “le chaînon”. Their goal is to help women in need by hosting them as long as they need, to give them free meals and to help reinsert them into the world. They do so by helping them find a job in an equalitarian place.  They also shed light to the inequalities women suffer everyday such as: violence or living conditions. 



How do they work? 

In order to have the necessary funds to host those women in need they have a shop on saint Laurent street, they sell merchandise that is given by a big variety of donations like clothes, furniture, sport equipment, hygiene products, books, decoration… So, to help them you could make a donation, or even buy in their shop! 

How Can YOU help? 

Want to go further? You could become a volunteer to help the staff to take care of the shop, you only need to be available 3 hours a week. To get more information you can consult their website

https://www.lechainon.org/en/organisation or contact them buy email benevolat@lechainon.org or sms 514-845-0151. 

Want to go further on women inequalities? you can read this article!