Lentil Salad

Oh October…  who doesn’t need to get stronger to face a difficult winter? With our YUMMY lentil salad, you get full of veggie protein! Did you know that meat production is one of the most polluting activities? From feeding the cow to the transport of the meat, the accumulation of greenhouse gas emission is huge. HOWEVER proteins are still very important.

 – One cup of cooked lentils has nearly 18g of protein – more than the amount in a hamburger –

This lentil salad is a source of natural vegetable protein that will help you stay healthy and strong, with only 5 ingredients! Let us show you what Chef Flore has created!


INGREDIENTS (for one person)


  • 60g of green lentils (or half of a glass) 
  • Arugula
  • 2 gloves of garlic
  • Dressing sauce (olive oil and vinegar balsamic)
  • Thyme and bay leaves (optional)
  • Salt and pepper


 I N S T R U C T I O N S

  1. Put your oven to heat at 200’C 

2.  Peel your beetroot (pay attention not to stain yourself!) and cut it in small pieces, put them on a plate with your garlic gloves, salt, pepper and olive oil. And let it cook in the oven for 1hour (until your beetroot looks roasted!).

  1. While the beetroots are cooking you can prepare the lentils. Put your lentils into a pot with three volumes of water for one volume of lentils and make it boil (with thyme and a bay leaf if you have some), do not add salt! It needs 20 to 25minutes to cook. When they are cooked drain them, put dressing sauce and salt and pepper in them and let them cool.

4.  You’re almost done! Put the lentils in your plate, put a layer of arugula, add a bit of dressing sauce, the beetroot and the garlic gloves. You’re done now, all you have to do Is enjoy your plate!