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Welcome to the new JSEC BLOG!

JSEC has begun this last year with determination to prove the durability of our mission despite the challenges COVID-19 presents us. In order to transition to an online committee, JSEC is focusing on spreading enthusiasm towards sustainability with long-lasting online content. In these blog post we hope to help you grow on your sustainability journey in as many aspects as possible. We’ve discussed some of the topics we find most relevant and chatted with past JSEC alumni to share their journeys in the business world while trying to make a difference.

Take a look around, you’re bound to find one that peaks your interest!



Written by Sarah Valliere

The leaves are changing colours, the pumpkin spice lattes are being advertised, the dollar store has halloween items on display which can only mean FALL IS BACK PEOPLE! To celebrate, Chef Sarah is finally back on the blog and is becoming Barista Sarah for a second! 



How To: Go Green In Your Kitchen

JSEC BLOG For the sustainability you don’t yet know. Continuing with our HOW TO series is the 8 tips for a greener kitchen! There are many ways to turn your kitchen into an eco-conscious one, but we have listed our top 8 tips that we think can be easily implemented today! Here we go: Buy local Supporting local businesses is very sustainable for the environment. Buying local means your food doesn’t

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Concordia Campus Sustainability Month!

The first ever Campus Sustainability Month is finally here! Throughout October, The Concordia Office of Sustainability is hosting online and in-person events, challenges, giveaways and free lunches! If you are looking to expand your knowledge about sustainability, join a group or simply meet new people, here is your chance! Every week has a different theme and challenge for you to explore!  JSEC BLOG For the sustainability you don’t yet know.

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What Do You Know About Sewage Heat Recovery?​

JSEC BLOG For the sustainability you don’t yet know. Picture the following, the roof of the home in which you live is lined with photovoltaic solar panels, there are also photovoltaic panels on the sides of the home, meanwhile your home is passively designed, meaning your homes uses natural sources of thermal energy such as the sun and the cool breeze to heat and cool your home respectfully. Moreover, your

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A Friendly Guide To Eco Labels​

We always see labels on the back of food items, electronics, coffee but do we really know what they stand for? Using these labels as a basic guideline can make a great impact on the transformation of market practices. At the end of the day, it is the producer that identifies the needs of their consumers through their buying habits.   Here is a basic guide to these common labels to

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The ESG Bond Market

We have seen an exponential growth in the Environmental, Social, and Governance aspect of investing. A large attention from the ESG market are bonds. Bonds are fixed income instruments representing a loan made by an investor to a borrower (typically corporate or governmental). These loans then pay investors interest depending on the rating of the investment, so if a bond is considered high risk (junk bond), then the premium paid

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How To: Be More Sustainable On Campus

The environment might not be the number one thing most students spend time thinking about but the truth is that wherever there are people, local ecosystems are affected even on our campuses. So, how can you incorporate a little green-mindedness into your daily student life, and help to create a more sustainable campus? Here are a few ways to get started. One of the biggest sources of waste are disposable

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How To: Spot Sustainable Coffee Shops Around Campus

With in-person classes starting up again this week, Concordia students will be back in the city. It’s no secret that there will be many sleepless nights studying (umm, more like partying, for now anyways). That being said, one thing students in general live off of, especially for those next day 8:30 am classes, is coffee. Luckily, there are a lot of great coffee shops in close proximity to both Concordia

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William Guinaudie: Will Technology Save Us From The Climate Crisis?

As someone who loves computers and reading about cutting edge technologies, I wanted to believe that technological progress will be what saves us from climate change. However, I have come to realize that it won’t and instead might help escalate the problem. According to a study from Lancaster University, the overreliance on promises of new technology to solve climate change is enabling delay and increasing the issue. JSEC BLOG For

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Unearthing Seaspiracy

Because you’ve seen it on Netflix or seen the meme “it should have been called conspiraSEA”, Seaspiracy is all the rage right now. Directed by Ali TabriziIt, Seaspiracy tackles the very real problems of deep sea fishing ranging from ecosystem tragedies to the exploitation of human rights. Watching it was shocking to say the least. This documentary exposes the fishing industry to its core. Despite the accurate depiction of environmental

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Lauren Scott: Designing Meaningful Work

Stop chasing a linear path, and focus on your zone! I was six years old when I knew that I would be involved in the environmental movement. I had gathered my toys, including prized Archie comics, and set up a garage sale in my parents’ driveway to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund. I do not recall how much my sister and I raised that day, but I do

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Recipe: Homemade hummus

You love snacks and want to make it healthy ? Hummus is for you! Chickpeas are a great source of proteins and will help you to lower your consumption of animal proteins. If you are used to buying it at the store you’ll be amazed by how easy it is to make it!                                   

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Lucas Fraser: His journey to sustainability

Lucas Fraser is a JMSB alumni graduating in 2019 with a Bcomm in  Marketing. During his last year at JMSB, he was JSEC’s Director of Business Development. After graduating he created his own firm, Circle Environmental Solutions to help firms implement sustainability in their work. Lucas, passionate about sustainability also gave a Ted Talk in 2018 to share his thoughts about environmental issues. He also participated in our BBT event

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A Bio Circular Economy

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the idea of recycling and a product’s full life-cycle. How many times can something really be recycled?  Recycling is seen as a better alternative than just throwing trash in the garbage but at one point that material does end up in the landfill – that is if it even does get recycled. Right now, it is said that 85% of glass doesn’t even get recycled in Quebec.

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Recipe: Simple Lentil Salad

Oh October…  who doesn’t love your crisp leaves and cozy weather. But, it also reminds us that winter is right around the corner and we need to get stronger to face a long winter! With our YUMMY lentil salad, you get full of veggie protein to help you stay healthy and strong! Did you know that meat production is one of the most polluting activities? From feeding the cow to

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Recipe: Pinto Patties

Who doesn’t like burgers? Surprise your friends with these vegan and delicious eco-friendly burgers made from pinto patties and let us know what you think about them! Recreate this recipe yourself and send us a picture! We will repost your creations on our stories!                                                       

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Recipe: Nava’s Hearty Shephard’s pie

“Ohh baby, this Sheperd’s pie is my personal favorite. We are going a bit more complex compared to our other recipes but oh man it is worth it! This Shepherd’s pie will trick all your meat loving friends with its hardiness! This how you make it :)”  –Chef Sarah                                             

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Article Review: Covid-19 is Preventing Sustainable Investment In Developing Nations​

In this article, written by William A. Haseltine, we explore the unfortunate consequences developing countries are facing in wake of Covid-19. In the aftermath of the pandemic, all nations, irrespective of economic size, have suffered. However, developed countries suffered an especially serious crash. Many of these nations depend on foreign assets and tourism. Since tourists are now homebodies for safety reasons, they are on the verge of an economic crash. 

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Recipe: Carrot & Ginger Soup

The snow has fallen and the cold settles in. What now? Time to make this super easy, healthy, belly warming soup! This carrot ginger soup has that balances of sweet and sour, while being vegan!  Fun fact: Carrots are not only meant to give you good vision but also a good source of beta carotene, fiber, vitamin K1 and antioxidants. -Chef Flore                 

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Mariya Chugay: The Montreal Youth Summit

Answering the call with a warm smile, I see Mariya Chugay on the other side of the screen. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mariya for about 1 year now. Speaking to Mariya, the past president of JSEC, she is always lively, the conversation flows with ease as she is always up for thought-provoking topics. I first met her at a JSEC meet and greet in 2019, where my curiosity

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People’s Potato: Concordia’s Vegetarian Soup Kitchen

Are you looking to get involved at Concordia? People’s Potato is always looking for volunteers to help out in Concordia’s very own vegetarian soup kitchen! They deliver free meals for 400 students every day from 12pm to 3pm during fall and winter semesters. This is really helpful because many students are not be able to pay for meals every day. All meals are vegetarian!  JSEC BLOG For the sustainability you

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Recipe: Roasted Squash with Butter Garlic

Did you know that squash are full of vitamins and minerals and they are so many types of squash that you’ll never get tired of them? At least one of those things is a fact. Also, did you know that you could reuse the seeds of your squash? Clean them, dry them, and roast them with some oil and seasoning in the oven for a great snack. -Chef Flore   JSEC

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Chantal Forgues: SME’s shift in Response to COVID-19

Successful entrepreneur and current stay at home mom, Chantal Forgues, uses her empathy and determination to move forward in her success. Within the past year, she left her position as Program Coordinator at District 3 to open her own sustainable consulting firm, LYRIA, and started homeschooling her daughter. JSEC BLOG For the sustainability you don’t yet know. A Talk with Chantal Forgues: SME’s Shift in Response to COVID-19 Written by:

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Helios: An Eco-Conscious Banking Alternative

For business students, the question of how to be sustainable while creating a business is not always easy to answer. This is why we wanted to present the firm helios for you to start thinking about how we can rethink the current banking systems! Helios is a French firm with a goal to be « a banking alternative for a sustainable future ».  How do they proceed? When you place

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Le Chainon: How To Get Involved

This week we are presenting to you the association “Le Chaînon”. Their goal is to help women in need by hosting them as long as they need, to give them free meals and to help reinsert them into the world. They do so by helping them find a job in an equalitarian place.  They also shed light to the inequalities women suffer everyday such as: violence or living conditions.  In

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Recipe: Vegan Bechamel

September is the start of not only school but cold weather. With that being said, who wouldn’t want a warm, gooey bechamel sauce to warm us up! This 5 minute dish is an easy staple when it comes to warm comfort food. Perfect for students exhausted from studying and on a budget! We are so lucky to live in a province that has all 4 seasons. Why? BECAUSE we have

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Eric Warner: Building the Foundation of JSEC

If you don’t know Eric Warner personally, you probably recognize his name through his numerous sustainable project developments throughout Concordia. Or his incredible LinkedIn clout.  Now graduated with a major in Marketing and a minor in Sustainable Studies, Eric trails behind him a legacy built on the foundation of community building, leadership and longevity.  Interested in bringing numerous communities together, he co-founded Play it Forward : a non for-profit organization

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